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neon gaming studio Arena

About Neon Gaming Studio Arena

Neon Gaming Studio arena are franchise outlets of Neon Gaming Studio, providing gamers with the best environment for gaming. The outlets would have high end gaming rigs, ps4 and xbox for online gaming enthusiasts.

The arenas will also have high end gaming products from our trusted partners, on display and also a lounge for gamers to sip coffee and enjoy gaming.

Neon Gaming Studio arena will have all that gamers in India are looking for in India.

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What qualifications does Neon Gaming Studio®  Arena seek in its potential franchisee?

The following qualifications, among others, are essential in order to be considered as a Neon Gaming Studio®  Arena franchisee:

  • A strong desire to learn about eSports and gaming.
  • A strong desire to delight our customers
  • The ability to recruit, train and motivate people
  • The ability to manage finances
  • The willingness and ability to personally devote timeand effort for day to day operations
  • A desire to have a good time running your business
  • A passion to win and work hard

How much cash or liquid assets will I need?

The minimum initial requirement is Rs. 75 Lacs.

Will Neon Gaming Studio®  Arena finance the balance?

While most of the execution for the Neon Gaming Studio®  Arena will be done by the Franchisee, Neon Gaming Studio®  will help with Site Selection, Tenant Improvement advice, Architectural planning advice (Franchisee can also get the architectural plans done by Neon Gaming Studio®  architecture at the market cost) and other resources for a successful Franchise Arena. In addition, Neon Gaming Studio® will help with configuration and quantities required for hardware purchase, infrastructure and layout to enable smooth transition from day 1 of signing the franchise application to the opening ceremony. This includes helping with marketing, opening ceremony and setup of the Arena. Neon Gaming Studio®  can also help (at pure cost basis) with in-house tech team, photographers, IT support, production, video streaming and media support from opening day to ongoing Franchise needs.In addition, after the Arena is open, Neon Gaming Studio®  will help with the training required for a period of 15 days at no cost. After the 15 days, it can continue, but at a cost to the Franchise. If the Franchisee requires any additional help, Neon Gaming Studio® resources will be available over the phone for advice/suggestions on a 24x7 basis.

Neon Gaming Studio® also envisions that OEM contracts with hardware, merchandizing suppliers, etc. will be in place to leverage discounts for the Franchisee. Neon Gaming Studio® understands that their success depends on the Success of the Neon Gaming Studio®  Arena Franchisee and hence will help from Day 1…i.e Arena Setup/Hardware configuration, HW purchases, S/W analytics, behavior based marketing, Merchandizing relationships, In-house café/food relationships and marketing campaigns needed for sponsorships/partnerships in the franchisees.

What role do you see the franchisee play in this relationship?

Customer Satisfaction and execution of Standards provided by Neon Gaming Studio® is key to sustaining and growing the revenue in the Arena. Hiring and retaining employees who have a passion for gaming and making it fun for players to become a part of the gaming community. Most important, be the brand ambassador in your region. Franchise will be responsible for providing tech support, develop local marketing materials and media plan and built relationships with local sponsors and partners for the LAN championship games to be held in your region.

What are the franchising options available with Neon Gaming Studio® ?

In order to eliminate favoritism for site selection, Neon Gaming Studio®  Arena will only be owned and operated by Franchisee. Also, to protect revenue stream for the franchisee, Neon Gaming Studio®  will give exclusivity of area to the Franchisee, upon the execution of a franchise application.

Is it difficult for the average person to operate the business?

While the business can be physically demanding and while experience in retail management is helpful, our training program will help you build your existing skills and learn the new ones necessary to run a Neon Gaming Studio®  Arenafranchise.

What is the availability of sites in my area?

The availability of sites in specific areas will be discussed during your initial interview. However, Neon Gaming Studio® Arena cannot predict which locations will be available when the requirement process is complete. Flexibility in terms of timing and locations may be required. As of now, we have most major cities within India available for a franchise location We just signed a franchise agreement in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat. This location will open in 2018.

How much money can I make?

Profitability will vary considerably depending on: sales, location, traffic and operating costs, financing terms, your ability to manage and control your business and other factors.

What are Neon Gaming Studio®  Arena royalty and advertising fees?

Our franchise fee will depend on the city/state of the Neon Gaming Studio®  Arena Franchise. The minimum franchise fee to become a part of Neon Gaming Studio® is Rs. 10 Lacs (Again, this is the minimum and the franchise fee will be based on the city/state). In addition, our continuing royalty fee is 10% of gross sales, our promotional fund fee is 2.5% of gross sales that you remit to Neon Gaming Studio® Arena plus an additional 2.5% you spend to promote your store.

What do the principals need in terms of experience, credit and training?

It is preferred that at least one of the operating principals has a minimum of one year of retail experience with a small business experience. All principals must have clean credit (no bankruptcies, no serious delinquencies, lawsuits, etc.). Also, the operating principal must successfully complete the

What are the steps for becoming a Neon Gaming Studio Arena franchisee?

Following are the steps (We will work with you to make the process seamless and easy)

  • Fill out the information in the online application with your interest in Neon Gaming Studio.
  • We will review the online application and get back to you
  • Meeting with Neon Gaming Studio’s top management (CEO: Puvish Kothari; COO: Harsh Kothari)
  • Fill out the Franchise Application/MOU with terms and conditions of the relationship
  • Discussion regarding the selected region and overall approach to opening a Franchisee
  • Finalize the Arena details, architecture plans and approximate date of opening
  • Training of Key Personnel at the Vadodara location (Training will be provided at the franchisee cost)
  • Review operational plan, key metrics and training that needs to be provided to all the employees
  • Hiring plan (to be completed approximately two weeks before opening of the Arena
  • Finalize Marketing plan, Media plan and announcements in the local area
  • Inauguration
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